Vincent Sun

Vincent has an eclectic background in design, entrepreneurship, marketplaces, and venture capital. He previously worked on AliResearch at Alibaba Group, Community Expansion at Massdrop, Venture Investment at Seedchange, and the Deal team at Propel Venture Partners. Vincent is currently at UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. As a Student Investor at The House Fund, he spends most of his time meeting student founders. You can find him cooking steak sous-vide and tinkering with the latest tech gadgets.

Jamie Shen

Jamie has worked at GGV Capital for the last half-year, covering e-commerce, frontier tech, and IoT. Jamie’s background is primarily in e-commerce, having previously worked at Vogue China on the digital platform and an e-commerce startup in SF. She is currently a junior at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration and History. In her spare time, you can find her compulsively buying clothes from up-and-coming fashion brands, and searching the city for coffee.  


Pasha Minkovsky

Pasha is studying Computer Science and Statistics. He's interested in deep learning — specifically natural language processing and computer vision, and their applications in unique and unconventional spaces. He's a student founder that is focusing his efforts on areas such as fintech. He loves traveling, experiencing new cultures, and making things.


Richard Mashiko

Richard is studying Cognitive Science and Psychology. With his background in branding and entrepreneurship, he wants to help founders and startups better share their stories. He currently is working for a Berkeley biotech startup. If he is not at a coffee shop, you can probably find him in the gym playing basketball or at a sports bar watching football or basketball.